User Portrait API Documentation

The API can be used to generate User Portrait with your study data.


# Variable Description Example
1 title Title of Study &title=Cognitive Study
2 subjects Number of Subjects &subjects=3
3 namesSubjects Names of Subjects (Default no) &namesSubjects=T001, Karl, Malcolm
4 cols Number of Columns to Display (Default 3) &cols=3
5 genders Genders of Subjects (M:Male, F:Female), Delemiter (comma) &genders=M,M,F
6 traits Trait Values of Subjects (-1:Relaxed, 0:Normal, 1:Stressed) &traits=0,-1,1
7 SAIs SAI values of Subjects (-1:Relaxed, 0:Normal, 1:Stressed) &SAIs=-1,1 ; 0,-1
8 exams Number of Exams &exams=3
9 namesExams Names of Exams (Default no) &namesExams=B,P,N,LD1,LD2 ; B,P,N,LD1,LD2
10 titleGrades Title of Grade (Default no) &titleGrades=Performance
11 grades Grade of Each Exam of Subjects &grades=85,98,70 ; 90,100,80
12 sBars Stress Bar of Exams &sBars=10,20,70:5,85,10 ; 30,50,20:15,15,70
13 hideButton Toggle to hide and show Buttons (Default no) &hideButton=yes
14 exLinks External Links (Default no) &exLinks=
15 studyNo Study Number (Default no) &studyNo=1

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